Sunday, November 29, 2015

The Lost Heiress - Roseanna White

In "The Lost Heiress," book one in the Ladies of the Manor series by Roseanna M. White, Brook Eden finds her long lost biological family with the help of her close friend - and duke - Justin.  It is a classic romantic novel with suspense and mystery intertwined throughout.  The author did a fantastic job with research.  She gets bonus points for incorporating Cockney slang into the book.  I would wager that few readers will recognize the slang as being an excellent time stamp for the setting of the novel.  Most authors tend to shy away from such minutia, but used here it really highlights the excellent detailing done by the author.
As I do when I love a book, I immediately pre-ordered the next in this series "The Reluctant Duchess," which is due for release in spring of 2016.  This book stars Brice Myerston, the Duke of Nottingham.  I became attached to his likable, flirtatious character in the first novel.  The characters performed a handoff in the final chapter indicating to the reader that Brice will be the main protagonist of the next novel.  I couldn't have chosen better!  I am very much looking forward to meeting the woman able to tame this ladies' man.


  1. Cockney is here a nice trick to refer to an appropriate historical era! I have not read the novel yet but I am eager to do it as soon as possible after reading your review! Thanks a lot!