Tuesday, May 19, 2015

A Love Like Ours - Becky Wade

This is the first book by Becky Wade that I have ever read.  A few of you are probably surprised, given that this is the third book in the Porter Family Novels series.  I normally start every series on book one, no exceptions.  This time, I had no idea that I was reading a series until about three-quarters through the book when I happened to see on the inside cover the other books by Becky Wade.  Here are my pros and cons:
Pros: The author did a fabulous job.  She took her time crafting an attraction between the main characters, then cranked up the heat.  I absolutely love her style of writing.  I felt the desperation of both characters as they dealt with the issues separating them.  The plot wasn't complex, but it was enjoyable.  The attraction between the characters was almost tangible at times.  The writing is 5-star.
Cons: I couldn't get past the cover design for the longest time.  The main characters are 30 and 32.  The models on the book cover look 17.  When I first saw the cover I wondered if it was juvenile fiction.  The main model is beautiful, but overall I found the cover a bit hokey.  It isn't something I would have been drawn to in a bookstore.
In a nutshell, I would absolutely recommend this book.  I look forward to reading the others in this series!

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