Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Truth Be Told - Carol Cox

Truth Be Told by Carol Cox is a historical women's Christian fiction novel about a young lady returning home to take over the newspaper business her father, recently deceased, has left her.  She finds herself embroiled in an attack by a large firm, concerned that her father's articles have hurt their reputation.  Instead of selling out, she decides to actively investigate her father's hunch, which is that the company's business ethics are lacking.
In order to get to the bottom of the story, the main character enlists the help of the man assigned to win her over.  He agrees to look into things at the office with full confidence that he will be able to report back to her that everything is completely above-board.  However, the plot escalates, and we learn that shady business practices are the least of their problems.
The character's commitment to chasing down a story is commendable, and the plot is interesting.  I think this book would appeal especially to journalists and writers.  I wasn't particularly taken in by it, though.  Carol Cox is an experienced writer, and she did a fantastic job with this story.  Some of the history of newspaper publishing was worked into the book, which made it all the more believable.  I plan to read more of her novels, such as Trouble in Store.
I received a complimentary copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an objective review.

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