Monday, April 14, 2014

Caught in the Middle - Regina Jennings

I have loved every book from Regina Jennings, but Caught in the Middle is so far the very best!  I couldn't get enough of the story and was sad to see myself reaching the end.  Regina Jennings is not one to write the expected, so the ending caught me by surprise.
The story is about main character Anne Tillerton, the crazy lady from the previous two books in the series, Ladies of Caldwell County.  Ms. Jennings couldn't have chosen better.  This main character is a star, and her story just begs telling.
The only critique I have is that the cover art didn't grab me.  The colors seemed a little off for her skin tone and the image was overall a little unclear.  
Bottom line - the book was fascinating.  In fact, it was the best book I have read in several months.  I couldn't put it down.  Every time I picked it up I had to make sure everything was right (my favorite hot tea, the kids asleep, etc!) because I didn't want to waste a second reading this distracted.

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