Thursday, February 6, 2014

Into the Whirlwind - Elizabeth Camden

Into the Whirlwind was a truly delightful book to read.  It took me right to the time of the Chicago fire and brought to life the difficulty of running a business in danger of being outmoded by new assembly line efficiency.  I could relate to numbers-crunching Molly, but I found it easy to admire both two main characters.  The conflict between the two main characters is believable.  The author must have gotten input from men as to how they would deal with the situation presented in the book, because the perspective of the main character was spot on.
There is definitely potential for more books to come in this "Chicago" series if the author decides to turn it into a series.  The young, spoiled girl who loves hard work -- I wonder if we will see her again in a later novel?
To date, I have read every book ever written by Elizabeth Camden and published by Bethany House.  Never once has one let me down.  I will tell you that my absolute favorite was Against the Tide with main character Alexander Bainbridge.  This may be due to the way he seemed set up to take the stage in The Lady of Bolten Hill.  In Against the Tide as well as The Lady of Bolten Hill the historical data on the opium industry added a great deal of interest to the book and really set it apart from the status quo.  I certainly recommend any of Elizabeth Camden's work.
This book was a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an objective review.

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