Thursday, February 6, 2014

Dance the Moon Down - Robert Bartram

Dance the Moon Down is a historical novel set during the outbreak of the World War with Germany.  The main character, Victoria, comes from a high class home where the possibility of war is not considered threatening.  At college she changes, becomes friends with someone who influences her greatly, and marries.  Shortly thereafter, her new husband leaves for war.
This story is mainly about the people left behind and the struggles and temptations they faced.  The book is very "real," and if you are a lover of history you will probably very much enjoy this novel.  It is fiction, but there is so much fact included as well that you will walk away having learned much.
It's easy to judge the main character for some of her bad choices, but in order to keep the story legitimate the author has created this realistic, fallible character that could easily have been you or me. I have to commend the author heartily for this decision.  Too many times novels are ridiculously unbelievable, but there is nothing ridiculous about this one!  It is written on a somber note in keeping with the strain of the time period.  Very well done.  Serious readers that appreciate accuracy and objectivity will love this book.  I highly recommend it.
This book was a complimentary copy from the author in exchange for an objective review.

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