Thursday, May 30, 2013

I love to CLEP courses. There's really not a whole lot better than taking one test and passing an entire course. Taking a CLEP exam costs roughly $100 after fees and a course costs so much more along with the time you spend working on it.  
For sociology, I ordered a book on Amazon, and by the time it had gotten here I had already studied and passed using I am now using BenchPrep for chemistry (only because InstantCert doesn't offer a chemistry study guide), and although it is a jazzier site aesteically, the Instant Cert site was far more effective. If you are good at memorizing, then this is definitely the way to go. I studied for less than a week and nailed the exam. I also used InstantCert to clep Computer Information & Applications and US History I. Three cleps in 3 weeks is basically a summer's worth of classes for me.  
Here is a discount code... 68970. It will get you $5 off your first month, but you definitely won't need it for more than a month. I did all three exams within the first month, so I basically paid $15 to study and clep 3 exams. I'm pretty pumped. Good luck!

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