Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Couponing for the Rest of Us: The Not-So-Extreme Guide to Saving More - Kasey Knight Trenum

As soon as I saw this book I knew it was written for me.  I've seen the Extreme Couponing shows on TV and they really get me fired up.  BUT (and this is a big "but") it just isn't realistic for me.  In fact, it seems like a lot of big stores have tightened their coupon policies since the shows started airing.  That makes it harder for the regular people to get the most out of their coupons.
Kasey Knight Trenum has put together a reasonable outline for us to get the biggest bang for our buck.  You probably aren't going to check out with thousands of dollars of groceries for less than a hundred bucks, but you will most definitely find something in here that helps you be the money-savvy person that you long to be.
Let me also say that the length of the book is perfect.  It's not too long that I got lost in the process.  My only small critique is that I thought it spent a bit too much time selling me on the process of couponing.  I had already made the decision to coupon and was anxious to get down to the nitty-gritty.  That said, it's nice to know your readers highly anticipate the material, right?
Thank you, Kasey, for simplifying the coupon concept in such a way that we can "get it."  I do recommend this book, and I expect it will become one of my "loaners."
This book was a free gift from the publisher in exchange for my unbiased review.

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