Monday, April 22, 2013

A Noble Groom - Jody Hedlund

After reading A Noble Groom, I am setting out to find a list of Jody Hedlund books and send them to my Kindle.  It was fantastic!  I loved every minute of it.
This story about am escaped prisoner who ends up as an almost-mail-order husband.  He ends up staying around to help until the family receives their real husband, which turns out to be quite a bit longer than he planned on.
The plot is well thought out and believable.  The author had me rooting for him all along.  This book is a must read, and I've already loaned it out to a friend.  I absolutely recommend it.
This book was a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an objective review.

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  1. Hey Renae, saw your beautiful family on FB when Jeanne liked your cover photo. (Hope you recognize my face from FBC Branson and realize I'm not a stalker! :) But how fun that you review novels and it looks like you write? Fun to see someone I know from Branson writing.

    Anyway, LOVED this book by Jody. My favorite form this year so far!