Monday, April 22, 2013

Duchess - Susan May Warren

Before I get started on the review, I'd like to let you know that there is a fun giveaway going for the Duchess blog tour!  Now for my thoughts...
Susan May Warren is a genius writer.  This is the third in a series of three novels.  The plot is so intricate in this one novel alone I have no idea how she was able to write three of these in only two years.  The book centers around Roxy Price, a Hollywood movie star.  Susan May Warren includes many details regarding movie making of the 1920's-1930's.  That is what makes this book so unique.  I've never read anything like it before.  For the first time ever I was transported back in time to a day where Humphrey Bogart and Marilyn Monroe were fighting for successful careers.  It's as though this was written by someone who has first-hand experience in the movie industry.
If you read this book as a stand-alone novel, you'll be quite happy.  However, I don't recommend it...  The book is so good you'll probably finish it and regret not starting at the beginning so you could enjoy this entire series.  Start first with Heiress, then Baroness, then finish with Duchess.
If you like a novel you can spend time reading, this is a good one for that.  There won't be any speed reading here.  I read a little slower than normal to digest every bit of this fantastic story.  I didn't want to miss a beat. Page for page, you'll get more reading time from this novel than its competitors.
In a nutshell, this ranks as one of my favorites so far this year.  I'll be sure to stay tuned to what Susan May Warren brings us next!
This was a complimentary copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an objective review.

A Noble Groom - Jody Hedlund

After reading A Noble Groom, I am setting out to find a list of Jody Hedlund books and send them to my Kindle.  It was fantastic!  I loved every minute of it.
This story about am escaped prisoner who ends up as an almost-mail-order husband.  He ends up staying around to help until the family receives their real husband, which turns out to be quite a bit longer than he planned on.
The plot is well thought out and believable.  The author had me rooting for him all along.  This book is a must read, and I've already loaned it out to a friend.  I absolutely recommend it.
This book was a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an objective review.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Child of Mine by Carter's Baby Bouncer in Safari Party

I am thrilled with this purchase.  I went to the baby section in Wal-Mart specifically looking for a bouncer.  They had a very good selection, and I knew I would come away with something.  I was just about to buy the InGenuity bouncer for $46.98 then I saw this one for $35.  It has all the same features as the InGenuity -- padded fasteners for comfort, soft chamois-like fabric, and optional music with volume control.  The colors are soothing and don't draw attention to the "baby gear" we have
Also, I was able to put this together in no time without any tools.  Most importantly, my baby loves it.  He calms down quickly once I put him in.  You can't put a price on that!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Graco Duo 2 in 1 Swing with Plug

I love this swing/bouncer combo, but I had to return it because the food tray is a pain in the rear. If I could remove the tray from the unit I would absolutely keep this. However, it's in the way, I can't see my baby well with it on, and it pops up and refuses to fasten down.
The electric cord on this is a lifesaver, though. As a parent I HATE batteries. You can turn this swing on and let it do its job all day long without worrying about running down the batteries. FYI, the bouncer does require a D battery, though.
The colors are relaxing and contemporary. Overall an attractive set. Too bad the tray is a dealbreaker.

Swept Away - Mary Connealy

Swept Away is the first novel in the brand new Trouble in Texas series by Mary Connealy.  I have had the pleasure of reading several of Connealy's novels and have never been disappointed.  They are fun, light, and exciting.  I thoroughly enjoyed this one, and I'm sure you will too.
Ruthie barely escapes a wagon accident only to find herself stuck with Luke Stone, who is bent on revenge.  The characters both go through positive changes.  The author works in some criminal activity, which really amps up the drama.
The characters introduced are lovable, and I am looking forward to reading the rest of the series!
This was a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an objective review.