Sunday, March 24, 2013

All in Good Time - Maureen Lang

I've read several of Maureen Lang's novels including Bees in the Butterfly Garden and Whisper on the Wind.  However, All in Good Time is by far my favorite!  The characters were real, the setting was fascinating, and I enjoyed both of the main male characters, Henry Hawkins and Turk Foster. 
The book is set in the red light district of early Denver, CO.  Dessa takes out a loan to fulfill her dream of setting up a safehouse for women who wish to get out of prostitution.  Funds are tight, and both she and the banker that lent her the funds are nervous.  When Turk Foster, a rake from the district, takes a personal interest in Dessa things heat up a bit.  As it turns out, he's not the only one interested in her - the cold-shouldered banker, Henry Hawkins, is too. 
The author did a fantastic job characterizing the girls finding refuge at Pierson House.  Every detail is in place.  I couldn't put this book down.  This is exactly the kind of book I look for when I shop for myself. 
It's rare that an author goes to the trouble of bonding the reader with more characters than the main two.  Here, I bonded with several.  Specifically, I would have liked to see more of Turk Foster.  My only recommendation is that a second novel be written about Turk's story, but I have a feeling that's not to be.  Nevertheless, if the author can capture the essence of his character and write another novel similar in tone to this one I will be first in line to get a copy.
All in Good Time is book two in the Gilded Legacy series, with Bees in the Butterfly Garden as number one.  However, I've read both and can't see any connection whatsoever between the two books with the obvious exception of the era.  I wasn't impressed with Bees, but All in Good Time is worth every minute of reading time.  Who knows?  I may read it again just for kicks. 
Once again, this is the best of Maureen Lang.  I can't recommend it enough. 


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