Wednesday, September 19, 2012

To Love and Cherish (Bridal Veil Island #1) - Tracie Peterson & Judith Miller

"To Love and Cherish" is the first in the new series released by Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller.  Both are veteran writers and resoundingly popular in the Christian fiction world.  Both have been a great influence of new authors of Christian fiction, and they have shaped the way we view historical fiction.
"To Love and Cherish" is about a couple that doesn't see eye to eye about when to get married.  The main character, Melinda Colson, believes that their love should be enough to sustain a marriage without the comfort of financial security.  Evan, however, believes it is more important to wait until his financial situation is secure before moving forward in marriage.
This classic tug of war between a young woman and man is familiar to many people.  They work through their own differing opinions, changes to careers, and for Melinda, the frustration of allowing other events which is beyond her control dictate when she will be married.
As a reader, I questioned the couple's compatibility and whether they should marry.  Secretly, I kept hoping that a third party would enter the storyline to steal the girl's heart before Evan proposed.  We waited for quite a long while before the marriage happened.  I think a love triangle would have added just the extra touch of drama that this novel needs.
If you enjoy the relaxing, romantic tone of Tracie Peterson and Judith Miller's work, you will not be disappointed in this sweet story.  The title is now available, and you may order this online at Amazon.
This book was a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an objective review.

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