Sunday, September 2, 2012

Love's Reckoning - Laura Frantz

I recently had the pleasure of reading "Courting Morrow Little," a previous novel by Laura Frantz.  I remember it as being one of my favorite novels read all year.
"Love's Reckoning" is, if I am not mistaken, Laura's fifth novel.  As with the historical background in "Courting Morrow Little," I appreciated  the attention to detail in her descriptions of Philadelphia and Pittsburgh.  Ms. Frantz is obviously a talented writer.
The plot centers around Eden Lee, who was raised by an overbearing father and weak-willed mother.  Her sister, Elspeth, has a nearly equal part in the first half of the book and quickly earns a reputation as the nemesis.  Silas Ballantyne comes to Eden's family as an apprentice to finish his apprenticeship as a master blacksmith.  When their father mandates that one of his girls must marry Ballantyne, things become explosive.  As the plot moves along, Eden and Silas become separated when one moves to Pittsburgh and the other to Philadelphia.  A series of events brings them back together, and they must face the past.
The length of the book is on the longer side, which I liked.  However, the book didn't move quickly enough to hold my attention.  Also, I didn't feel the connection between Eden and Silas like I wanted to.  Their relationship seemed to be on the apathetic side and without much emotion.  Eden, as a character, was weak-willed and fearful.  This meant I couldn't relate to her as an individual.  Although Elspeth was the antagonist, I could relate to her gutsy, strong-mindedness much better.  This left me feeling conflicted during the first half of the book.
The second novel in the Ballantyne series is due to be released in Fall 2013.  I'm happy to see Laura Frantz on track to bring us one book per year, and I have high hopes that they will begin to come more frequently later on.  She has the ability to form strong plots, use exceptional detail, and turn out a lengthy, enjoyable novel.  You can find this book at or your local Christian retailer.
This book was a complimentary copy provided by the publisher in exchange for an objective review.

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