Monday, June 4, 2012

The Rose of Winslow Street - Elizabeth Camden

I recently read "The Lady of Bolton Hill" by Elizabeth Camden and gave it the highest possible rating online.  So, naturally, when I saw "The Rose of Winslow Street" also written by Elizabeth Camden, I snatched it up a.s.a.p.!  As I was reading, I noticed this book has something in common with the first Camden book I'd read.  Just when you get the feeling it's over -- WOW -- she brings in more characters and more story.  I love this about her writing!  It seems that with many novels, you can laboriously read the entire book before the plot ever escalates, and when it does the books wraps up summarily.  Not so with Ms. Camden.  She creates a masterpiece that escalates at several different times in the story.  It's very much like reading a trilogy all packed into one book.
This book, "The Rose of Winslow Street," is about a young woman who has a difficult relationship with her father, who she lives with.  While they are gone on a summer vacation, a Romanian and his family move into their beautiful home and claim ownership.  Since notice was never served to the Romanians, and the former owner had left it to him in his will, the gentleman feels the house is his fair and square.  A court case ensues... and so does a romance between the two main characters!
I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and I am absolutely looking forward to Elizabeth Camden's next book "Against the Tide," due to be released in October 2012.  Pre-order?  YES!

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