Sunday, January 8, 2012

My take on 2012 resolutions...

I don't usually make resolutions.  Normally I figure that if I don't want to do something of my own free will, then I shouldn't compromise my personal standards by doing something out of obligation, political-correctness, or because someone told me "You have to."  Please.  Even if you hold a gun to my head, I still don't have to do anything (although, after weighing my options I may make the decision to acquiesce).
So you can see how new year's resolutions tend to rub me the wrong way. For several years, I didn't make any at all.  Since I also like to succeed at everything I set my hand to, I refuse to knowingly set myself up for failure.  This year is different, though.  I have a resolution that I am so excited about that I genuinely want to follow through.  Here it is:

Live a healthier lifestyle.

Specifically, this includes:
  • Eat more organic/quality foods.  This means that I will buy more organic beef from the Dolloffs and occasionally organic milk from Lorenae Dairy in Galena, MO.  My mom grows green onions with nothing more than a jar and water.  She had them in her window sill, and I think this would be a good way to "grow" some of my own food (Since I am not an outdoorsy person, gardening is out.).
  • Use better quality body products.  After working at Spa Chateau, I don't think I will ever be able to go back to using cheap lotions and body products.  This year I will read more labels.  If a lotion lists water, alcohol, or mineral oil as being some of the top ingredients I won't even consider it. 
  • Excercise a little.  You heard me.  A little.  Just before my birthday I went running in the morning for the first time ever!  I want to do again that every now and then.  I also have a fantastic work out DVD that does not bore me and challenges me every time.  I want to use it more. 
  • The part of this that I am most excited about is.... taking more vitamins and supplements.  Used to, when I heard the word "vitamin" it conjured up visions of my elderly grandfather with his basket full of a myriad of vitamins.  I thought they were for old people.  (Since I am creeping up on 30, maybe I wasn't wrong.)  Anyway, a couple months ago a friend heard me talking about my energy lag and emotional seesaw.  She recommended B12.  I started taking it under the tongue, and noticed an energy boost immediately.  A couple Saturdays ago, I did a pedicure on a nurse who works for a doctor at a natural health care clinic.  She recommended magnesium for my migraines and D3 for overall health.  I just purchased these and am excited about adding these to my health plan. 
  • Get control of my migraines!  I refuse to continue having migraines as frequently as I do.  I have some form of headache almost every day, and was diagnosed as having migraines a few years ago.  I'm going to make some health changes.  A close friend also has migraines, and she recently saw a doctor and shared some information with me.  The first step is recognizing what brought on the migraine.  Common triggers are: caffeine, white breads, lack of sleep, sunlight, dehydration.  Since then every time I get a migraine I ask myself what triggered it and how can I avoid that in the future.  The magnesium is an exciting step in the right direction.
This is going to work for my personality because the words here are "more," not "always" or "never."  I don't like feeling boxed in, and I want to be proud of myself.  This year, my goal is simply to do more than I did last year.  Happy New Year!

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