Thursday, December 1, 2011

Renae's Christmas Wish List 2011

CNN Money published that shoppers will spend approximately $704.18 this year on Christmas gifts.  Their source (Big Research) learned that "peace and happiness" came in at 4th place this year, while it came in at 1st place in 2010.  Very interesting.
So instead of publishing my 2011 Christmas list on the world wide web, I should probably demur... but I won't.  Even though I firmly believe that the birth of Jesus Christ is the true origin and meaning of Christmas I am also one of the many who enjoy giving and receiving (gulp, it's true) gifts.  I'll post my list here (no holding back!), and below that will include the top gift items for year 2011 as published by USA Today.

Renae's 2011 Christmas Wish List:
  • Butcher block cutting board from Blue Mountain Woodwork.  I saw these multi-color wood cutting boards almost 2 years ago at a craft fair and fell in love with the workmanship.   Wow! 
  • A light for my Kindle.  Tom gave me an unexpected gift last year -- an e-Reader.  I hadn't asked for one, but he really nailed it!  I use my Kindle all the time.  Since so many books are available free for the Kindle, this gift has saved me money over the last year.
  • Cozy pajamas.  I always wondered as a child why my mother wanted pajamas every single year.  Now I know.  New pajamas are just sooooooo cozy!
  • Sara Bareilles CDs -- Kaleidoscope Heart and Little Voice.  I Pandora her every chance I get.
  • iPad.  Yes, I am a statistic.  I have no immediate plans to acquire one of these, but it makes the list nonetheless.
  • Silver jeans in the "Suki" fit.
  • Piano music.  Most especially, the 12-song collection from the Pride & Prejudice soundtrack (Keira Knightly version).  I'd also like the 100-song Hal Leonard Christmas book.
  • A book on how to photograph your children.  It's called "Mamarazzi: Every Mom's Guide to Photographing Kids"
  • I won't wish for health plan reforms or the end of world hunger, but I can't stop myself from begging for the end of child sex trafficking.  It won't happen without us fighting.  It is a growing problem, and is spiraling out of control.  Please help!  Here are some ways you can help end human trafficking.... You can donate to a trustworthy organization that is actively fighting human trafficking such as The A21 Campaign.  You can purchase a beautiful handbag (maybe as a Christmas gift?!?) from Sak Saum, an organization that provides rehabilitation, shelter, job-skill training and food to exploited, victimized women that have been rescued from human trafficking.  Your purchase helps this ministry to continue their rehabilitation program.  Another thing you can do is purchase your every day goods wisely.  Please make sure that you are buying products from fair-trade organizations.  You can do your research and continue to buy locally, or purchase items from a company that has already done this for you, such as Yobel Market
If you can't save the world tonight, but you do need a good gift for your spouse, read on and take your pick from the following (almost) guaranteed winners, per USA Today:
  • Apple iPod touch (newest model) for $299.00
  • Apple iPad 2 starting at $499.00
  • Amazon Kindle Fire for $199.00
  • Xbox 360 with Kinect for $299.00
As always, a pair of pajamas might just do the trick.

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