Saturday, October 1, 2011

Sworn to Protect - DiAnn Mills

After reading "Attracted to Fire," the DiAnn Mills novel sent to me by Tyndale a few weeks ago, I knew I had to have another one.  So I bought and paid for "Sworn to Protect." 
Again Ms. Mills delivered.  In this novel the chemistry between the two main characters was not quite as good as in "Attrated to Fire." Although the romance wasn't there as much, it still made for an exciting storyline, because it leaves the possibility open for treachery.  "Sworn to Protect" is the first in the "Call of Duty" series.  It was published in 2010, so it's still a fairly new release.  This plot was multi-dimensional, but focused mainly on Danika, a Border Patrol officer.  Her husband, Toby, was murdered two years ago, and his killer was never found.  The killer still feels threatened, and is determined to bring down the entire Morales family.  It heats up with a lot of fighting, emotions, and an excellent presentation of both sides of the immigration situation.  Sensitivity was used throughout, although I did resent the use of a certain word which popped up roughly three times during the entire course of the book. 
This book is loaded in research on the job of a Border Patrol officer, the drug cartels and gangs on both sides of the border, and immigration operations and safe houses.  It's a trip to Texas, along the Rio Grande.  Grab a burrito and enjoy.

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