Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Petticoat Ranch - Mary Connealy

That I'm reviewing this book is a fluke. Let me tell you about it... Since I review books for publishers and authors, I’m rarely out of reading material. However, a couple books that I requested recently went into production and haven’t been delivered yet. Thus, a lag in read time. So I headed to our local Christian book store for an inspiring, recreational find. The cover of a book can really sell it for me and when I saw the trilogy "Lassoed in Texas" I thought it just might be perfect. What cinched the deal was that this was a trilogy that I had never started and here it was all bundled up for me in one book. The entire trilogy was new to me and so was the author, Mary Connealy. Since do not often need to purchase a book, when I do purchase one I tend to grab established, never-failed-me author types such as M.L. Tyndale, Catherine Palmer, or Mindy Starns Clark. I'm glad I chose Mary Connealy!

Now that I have completed the first book in this trilogy, it's time for the review.

"Lassoed in Texas" is the name of the series, and "Petticoat Ranch" is the first in the series. This novel length story is about a widowed woman with four daughters. After saving a man from the clutches of vigilantes, she agrees to marry him for practical reasons. If you think this storyline sounds familiar, think again. The entire book was a twisting, turning vigilante mystery that kept me happily on my toes the entire time. Just when you thought it was over – BANG – another aspect of the storyline weighs in. I couldn't put this down! There were nights that I was up reading well after I should have been asleep. The author uses a perfect balance of fun, romance, and mystery. The writing is hilarious, and reflected so well both a man and woman's point of view that laughed continually. The picture of life with a household of four daughters was so realistic hat I could have sworn the author was a mother of four girls herself. Guess what? She is!

If you choose “Petticoat Ranch,” you can be confident that not only will you be fully transported to Texas you will also get to enjoy excellent writing. Mary Connealy is raising the standard, and I'm afraid that all of a sudden a lot of future reading I do is going to taste vanilla in comparison.

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