Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Calico Canyon - Mary Connealy

I'll keep this review short since the last review of book 1 in this series was so long.  "Calico Canyon" is the second book in the "Lassoed in Texas" series that I am reading right now.  After being blown away by book 1 ("Petticoat Ranch") I'm a bit disappointed in book 2.  The level of suspense, careful writing, and different perspectives between characters just wasn't as interesting.  In "Petticoat Junction" each character, including the lead vigilante, was so well written that I could identify with their different perspectives and understand where each person was coming from.  I didn't ever get a good bead on why the villain in book 2 was bent on the main character's destruction and what he had to gain from it.  I wish that had been clearly identified early in the book.  On a positive note, the attraction between the main characters was well written.  I also thought the author did a very good job of writing the evolution of the unmarried, single young lady into a married mother of five boys. 
I am rolling into book 3 now and still loving the series.  Even considering the criticism, this series has been exciting and fun. 

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