Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Attracted to Fire - DiAnn Mills

Let me start by saying that this is the first book by DiAnn Mills that I have ever read, and it didn't take long for me to decide that she rocks.  The book is set in present day on a large ranch in Texas.  The story is set around three main characters, with roughly ten supporting characters.  The story revolves around two Secret Service agents working to protect the President's daughter, whose life has been threatened. 
As far as romance is concerned, "Attracted to Fire" is about as hot as it gets in the women's Christian fiction genre! The attraction between the two main characters was very well written.  For that reason alone, I'm giving it five stars.
The plot was detailed and well-planned out.  The suspense was real, and I felt it.  I worked hard to solve the puzzle before the bad guy was revealed.  The author did a fantastic job of giving clues here and there so that the reader had a shot at figuring it out.  Some of my assumptions were right, others were incorrect. 
The author obviously did considerable research on the Secret Service prior to writing the book.  That not withstanding, I would have really dug more information about the Secret Service, because it is such a.... secret.  I did appreciate the research done on recovered drug and alcohol addicts.  This was also worked in with sensitivity.
My critique for this book is a big one.  I'm talking about the graphic design job on the cover of the book.  First, the design itself is completely lame and is not up date with current styles.  Strictly because of this, I questioned whether I would like the book before I started it.  Secondly, and most importantly, it's obvious the graphic designer did not even read the book.  For instance, the woman on the cover has short, brown hair.  Recorded many times in the book is that she had medium-long red hair with blonde highlights, which is much more feminine and exciting.  Also, the two people on the front of the cover are wearing business suits.  This is ridiculous for an assignment protecting the President's daughter on a ranch in Texas, and nowhere in the book does it say that they wore suits.  On a lesser note, the background of the cover is of a Texas desert.  Actually, the ranch is described as being beautiful and lavish, as you would expect for the Vice President's personal home.  I also am making a soft recommendation not to put the face of the man in the book on the cover, because it limits the imagination of the woman reading the book.  I am aware that many publishing houses do not allow the author to approve the final design, so in no way do I blame DiAnn Mills for this.
I enjoyed reading this so much, that I told my husband mid-book that it was the best novel I had read in a long time.  I stand by that original statement, and am looking forward to more books from DiAnn Mills.

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  1. I have never read anything by DiAnn Mills. I will have to put her on my TBR list. I too have hated a cover but loved the book! ;) Makes the statement "Don't judge a book by it's cover." very true!lol