Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Where Hearts are Free - Golden Keyes Parsons

Golden Keyes Parsons is a relatively new author that has written three books, all of which have been published by a leader in the Christian women's fiction world -- Thomas Nelson.  "Where Hearts are Free" is the third in her"Darkness to Light" series.  This group of books is so captivating that once you start you won't stop reading until you reach the last page.
The first two books track the story of Madeleine, a childhood friend and love interest of the King.  Through her friendship with King Louis she is able to protect her Huguenot family from persecution until King Louis removes his protection and becomes a harsh enemy.  It is evident that the author did significant historical research before writing, and the book will transport you to a different era.  The second continues Madeleine's life, and the third -- which I am reviewing here -- changes its focus to Bridget and Phillippe as the main characters.  I think this was a smart move for Golden, and it keeps the story moving.  To refresh your memory, Phillippe is the son of Madeleine who became an indentured servant after the family lost all their money on board the ship to America.  The book begins as Phillippe finishes his time as a servant to Bridget's household.  This well-thought-out mystery provides the framework for the plot, with romance written in so that the balance is about 60/40 (mystery/romance). 
Books that are this well crafted are hard to come by, and I can only beg that she continue writing so the rest of us can continue to visit the world of early French royalty and American immigration.

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