Sunday, August 28, 2011

Sak Saum - My Way to Help End Human Trafficking from Branson, MO

I AM AN ABOLITIONIST.  Since learning about human trafficking for the first time in September 2010, I have been looking for a way to help end it.  My initial gut reaction is to grab a machine gun and go on a rescue mission.  But I know that will never be my reality. 

Last weekend Tom and I visited Yobel Market in Colorado Springs, CO on our brief visit for my sister's wedding.  That's where I learned about Sak Saum.  Sak Saum is a rescue and rehabilitation organization located in Phom Pehn, Cambodia.  There is currently 13 girls in the safe house.  They have provided counseling and then taught them how to sew and financially support themselves in a desperate economy.  When I bought this bag, I knew that it had been sewn by one of those 13 girls.  I knew her hands had crafted it, and I rejoice with her about her new opportunity.  By buying the handbag, I am helping the ministry continue.  They have plans to expand with a new location, whereby they can double the number of girls they house. 

The purchase of the handbag was not a donation, it was a "fair trade."  I say this because the handbag itself is superior quality and completely adorable.  It fits my personal style to a tee.  I paid a square price and got a fair bargain.  Even though this was, in fact, a fair trade for me, that's only half of what "fair trade" means.  "Fair trade" is a newer phrase that indicates that the craftsmen (read: crafts-women) were paid a reasonable price for their labor.  They were not taken advantage of.

I am happy to say that one of these bags from Phom Pehn, Cambodia has made it all the way to Branson, MO -- two, actually, since my mom bought one also!  It's a long drive to Colorado Springs, but if you want one you can go to and order one straightaway.  Be a part of something great!

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  1. We live in such a pristine sterile enviroment here in the mid-west of USA. It is almost beyond imagination that little girls as young as 4 yrs of age are taken for use in brothels, sold to pedophiles and enslaved to prostitution without hope of ever getting free. Horrific injustices are committed beyond any woman's nightmares. Help in freeing those enslaved by evil wicked people all over the world. go to today and get involved. Reach out to those less fortunate. Be Jesus! Distance does not matter to Him or those enslaved.