Friday, August 26, 2011

Fighting for Your Family - Steve Carlson

"Fighting for Your Family" is an insightful, straight-to-the-point book from Steve Carlson about fighting the spiritual war for family unity.  This book is short, encouraging, and strongly written.  I did not find it repetitive or rambling.  You move quickly through the topics, and the author still thoroughly covers each one.  On a side note, I loved the way the Contents section was laid out.  It provides a complete outline of the book and allows you to easily find and refer back to a section you wish you read again.
Steve begins his writing with a brief autobiography and a transparent look into his life including his earlier divorce.  I found this refreshing.  Since none of us can claim to live perfect lives it was good to see Steve open up about his past and unselfishly provide the rest of us an opportunity to learn from his experiences.
I also appreciated the note in an early section that God does not ask us to surrender our family.  Too many times we see people place their families farther down in their priorities than what could be considered healthy.  Often this is done in the name of ministry.  I was happy to see this topic addressed specifically so there was no chance of misinterpretation.   
On a technical note, I noticed a few grammatical errors and typos.  Overall, the writing was on the proper level (my guess was 6th grade, which is the industry standard and considered ideal) in order to be easily read by the majority of our culture. 
My only critique is that initially the perspective of the divorce seemed slightly biased, but once I got farther into the book the impression faded.  Again, I appreciated that all instruction was given in a humble way from the perspective on someone sharing their personal testimony. 
This book targets Christian men age 25 - 55.  Will there also be a book released that approaches fighting from a woman's perspective?  If you choose to pick up a copy of "Fighting for Your Family," then I recommend you also grab a highlighter, because there is so much of the good stuff you'll want to make notes in the margin as you read!

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