Friday, May 13, 2011

Mine is the Night - Liz Curtis Higgs

After finishing "Here Burns My Candle" I couldn't rest until I read "Mine is the Night." As I read, the story kept getting better. I worried that there would be a book three that hasn't surfaced yet, and that I wouldn't get closure until next year. However, this book completes the duo.
Let's recap. These two novels comprise a rendition of the book of Ruth, with the setting being in Scotland in the eighteenth century. I reviewed the first book of this duo about a month ago. It was historically detailed and the emotions were right on. Although there were opportunities to show more grief the author kept it from becoming too melancholy. Let me just tell you, the first book was good, but the second book is so much better. "Mine is the Night" is when the story really gets moving.
I wouldn't hesitate to recommend this duo. However, if you have a bit of ADHD and you choose to skip straight to book 2, here are my comments. As I read I noted that -- technically -- you will not be left out of the loop if you do skip straight to book 2. The author did an excellent job of presenting all the facts to you in the second book so that if you did happen to miss the first one, you will still fully enjoy the second. That said, I do recommend reading "Here Burns My Candle." Even though it moves a little slower, there's a lot of fun information in there and you'll enjoy the second book even more if you've read the first. Some minor characters make a reappearance, and their backstory adds a nice depth. Again, it's not technically necessary, but it will add immensely to your enjoyment. Specifically, I can't see reading the second book with the same perspective if I hadn't already gotten to know Lord Mark Kerr and Rob MacPherson.
Overall, excellent. Five stars.

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