Friday, April 8, 2011

The Lightkeeper's Ball - Colleen Coble

As the third and final book in the Mercy Falls series by Colleen Coble, this mystery-slash-romance is just as intriguing as the two that preceded it. Historical fiction is not Colleen's genre of choice, but I am so glad she went for this -- and three books straight in a row! For those of you who love mystery but don't want to sacrifice a good romance, this book will fill that niche.
My only complaint is that this mystery, like most books authored by Colleen Coble, is unsolvable until the villain is revealed. My personal preference when reading a mystery is that all clues be given throughout the book so that, if you are an excellent Sherlock Holmes, you can have a decent chance at solving the puzzle. I love the feeling of having a mental list of clues and valid suspects then narrowing them down when new facts are released. A good example of an author who writes a challenging mystery but still gives the reader an opportunity to solve the riddle is Mary Higgins Clark. After reading most all of Mary's books, I cannot help but feel that Colleen Coble has also done so, and is working toward this end.
All this said, Colleen Coble is the Mary Higgins Clark of women's Christian fiction. I always enjoy her books, and when you combine her mystery writing skills with a historical setting, you simply cannot go wrong. Thank you, Colleen, for adding this historical set to your repertoire!

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