Sunday, March 13, 2011

Courting Morrow Little - Laura Frantz

This picture of Kentucke in the late 1700's presents life during the time when there were fewer states, and areas were known only according to the Indian tribe that occupied it.  The sweet romance was unique and breathtaking; there was nothing cookie-cutter about it.  As to historical accuracy, the author used exquisite detail!  The pages were rent with Indian raids, treachery, and gave a realistic picture of the risk of living in the unsettled area of the Midwest.  Occurrences such as children being captured and taken to live as Indians were included.  Names like d'Etroit, Ohio, Kentucke, and many other names originating from tribes and Indian villages came to life.  The book drew mainly from the background and language of the Shawnee and used many Shawnee words such as "kinnikinik.”
Normally I don't consider myself an Indian history buff, but now I find myself Googling "maps of Indian territories."  It is a pleasant surprise that there are about 200 people remaining in the United States who speak the Shawnee language.  I learned so much -- but only by accident -- because the story itself was so moving that I couldn't put this book down.  The author kept the storyline real, so you'll definitely be kept on your toes.  I recommend this book to anyone who wishes to avoid books that take you straight from point A to point B.  This one twists and turns with laughter, joy, and sadness and ends at just the right spot.

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