Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Save the Date - Jenny B. Jones

Jenny B. Jones is not new to writing, but this was the first of her books that I’ve ever read.  Whenever I embark on a new author, I feel like I take a risk -- and this one paid off.  "Save the Date" is a chick-lit loaded in comedy and empty of boredom. 
Lucy is working her dream of operating a girls’ home that helps transition kids out of the foster system and into adulthood.  She meets a former football star and underwear model turned politician who is in the middle of a campaign.  When the paparazzi misunderstand their relationship his low ratings shoot sky-high.  Her nonprofit is struggling for funding, and he proposes a temporary relationship with worthwhile benefits to both parties.
The only critique I offer is that I didn't fully understand how someone from her challenging background had taken the idea of the girls’ home and made it a reality.  With the upfront cost of such a venture, this took a little imagination.
But don't allow this to stop you from enjoying the book!   The plot moves along at a super-fast pace with zero lag time and no "filler" content.  Even though this has a contemporary setting, it took me way out of my box and into a world of nonprofits, a political campaign, and the glamour of celebrities.  I give this a 5-star because it is one of the best in its genre.  If you like chick-lit, read and be edified.  I even pulled my journal out and took notes.

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