Sunday, February 6, 2011

Head in the Clouds - Karen Witemeyer

"Head in the Clouds" is about Adelaide, a joyful young lady who heads to Texas in order to track down the man she thinks ought to marry her.  Trouble is, when she finds him she realizes she's been duped and quickly formulates plan B.  In response to a newspaper ad, she hops on a wagon and goes deeper into Texas to become a governess to Isabella, a 5-year old girl.  When she arrives, she tackles wholeheartedly the task of loving and teaching her student.  But bad news comes quickly in the form of a relative who threatens this happy family.  Motivated by money, Isabella's uncle turns out to be a murderer, and a very real threat. 
This Christian fiction romance was outstanding, and I loved how the author put more depth into the storyline by adding a murder plot as well.  This book is a happy romance with a balance of suspense, and it won't chill you to the bone.  "Head in the Clouds" is Karen Witemeyer's second novel (her first novel was "A Tailor-Made Bride").  Her next book, "To Win Her Heart" will be released April 2011.  I'm excited that we have a new authoress in the Christian women's fiction genre and am looking forward to more books from this author.

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